Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions for Using the Helveticard App

1. The Helveticard App is linked to your Selectard Visa or Mastercard (the “Cards”) . Via your smartphone, it offers you the possibility to consult your statements, your current transactions insofar as they are already recorded, your balance and it allows you to block your card. More features may be added in the future (the “Features”).

By clicking on the button “I Agree”, you (the “User”) mark your understanding and approval of these Terms of Use for the App.

2. Scope of Features

Helveticard SA is entitled to change the scope of the Features, to limit the availability of the service and or to discontinue the App at any time without prior notice. It has no obligation to update the App.

3. Mandatory Precautions

The User shall keep the device on which the App is installed safe and take all necessary measures to protect it from being accessed by unauthorized third parties. The access codes must be kept separately from the device and must not be stored on the device or disclosed to third parties.

4. Content of the information

The information accessible through the App is updated on a continuous basis. However, it may vary from the final and statements that are issued at the end of each billing period and which are sent to the cardholder via the means approved by the General Terms of Use of the Cards.

5. Liability

Helveticard SA excludes any liability for losses caused by transmission errors, technical defects and disturbances, incompatibility of the App with further applications of the user, operating failures, service interruptions or unlawful interference with the user’s end device.
The User understands that the blocking ability of the App may not include certain ongoing transactions or future transactions made off line, outside the active network. The notification of the block is however time-stamped when the User implements the block.

6. Intellectual Property

The App is the property of Helveticard SA. Upon installing the App, the user receives a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use the App in relation to the Features. All intellectual property rights remain with Helveticard SA or entitled third parties.

7. Amendments

Helveticard SA reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. Amended Terms of Use are made available to the user via the App or in another suitable manner and take effect one calendar month after the date of their issuance if the User continues to use the App.

8. Data protection

The use of the App is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act. The User’s data transmitted via the App is processed by the Card issuer who uses certain third parties in order to provide the Features. Stored data is restricted to Card information and consultation history. The App does not collect information outside of the scope of information that the User specifically inputs in order to access the Features.

9. Terms and Conditions of Use of the Cards

For the reminder, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Cards apply